Saturday, June 30, 2007

Sonu didi on stage

The new youtube interface is kinda screwing a lot of things up. Emailing video to friends is one of them. That's why, I am unable to email this to only my relatives. So I'm posting it on my blog. add me as friend on youtube to see private videos.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Macbook Destruction

I really sympathize with this dude's situation. I've had such experiences with cheaper and lamer products brands/companies, but I really wouldn't expect that from apple. So I am pretty agitated myself, and I wouldn't want that kind of thing to happen to anybody.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Prison break loopholes part 1

Oh yeah, even THAT show has a whole bunch of stuff I can't digest. I have been watching episodes of season one back to back since last few days, and I have been growing overly pissed with some stupidities that I noticed which till haven't been explained! In the episode where the agents try to get LJ and end up killing his parents, Lincon junior takes a picture of agent kellerman when he's pointing the gun at him. And that picture is very conveniently forgotten. The moment I saw the director reveal that he had the picture on his cellphone, I was saying to myself, "wow! Now he can email the picture to his friends, the lawyers, news channels, newspapers and finally get this agent off the streets!" But that never happened. I just can't live with the fact that he's a teenager who owns a cameraphone and doesn't know how to send picture messages and email the picture.

Then an episode later, in number nine, we catch up with LJ and we see him emailing the picture to his own email address. Why not email it to the attorneys? the newspapers? his friends? (well, I guess they didn't want to hire more actors to play LJ's friends) Another thing, if they can tap into his phone, listen to his phone conversations, track his exact location, why can't they intercept his text messages? Someone needs to a little thinking before they make these shows. 

Then at the junkyard, when agent kellerman is pointing the gun at Linc, he just stands there with his finger on the trigger, but doesn't pull it. He had enough time to get rid of him. And someone care to tell me why is he scared of the cops? He's an agent and can go and bend the law any way he likes. He could justify that by saying "he was making a run for it!" 

And as a last note, I'd like to respond to karthikeyan's blog post title, is breaking out of a prison really that easy? Well, its NOT! that's why they haven't gotten out yet! Lets see what happens in the following episodes.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Surf's up review

I believe I'm taking a big risk by posting this review here, as my art of cinema teacher is strictly against plagiarism and if she ends up searching my submission on the internet, and finding this, I'm gona have to explain to her that the blog is mine in the first place. LOL. But, it was just such a great movie, that I can't help myself. So here goes!

The CG animated movie surf's up, is a mocumentary. Probably the first ever animated one. The film crew follows the journey of Shiverpool resident penguin Cody maverick(voiced by Shia Lebouf...hope I spelled it right) from his home, to the town of pen-gu and through the 'Big Z memorial surfing contest'. They take interviews with other people like his mother and his brother, some elders of shiverpool, kids on the beach and so on. And as obvious, the camera crew follows all the other characters involved capturing all kinds of antics.

The Movie starts off with a old film footage(obviously staged... need I remind you this is a FAKE documentary?) of the surfing legend, big Z(voiced by Jeff bridges) during his heydays.

damn! this post has been in the drafts for so long.. I don't even remember the art of cinema class.. and I am not in a mood to finish the article off now.. still, I'm just gonna publish it.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

RTFS adventure game review

My friend recently released his flash made game, rayman the fan series adventure. He emailed me the swf file, as I'm on a mac and can't use exe files.. but for you on pc, here is the download link. Now I was gonna email him back with what I thought were the plus and minus points of the game, when I thought I could act all professional and do an unofficial official review kinda thing on my blog. Okay, so without trying to sound any more fancy, here goes.

The game starts with a silhouette of rayman on the screen, and even though its just black, you can clearly tell that he's running. That, though it has nothing to do with the game, I just wanted to point out because its good understanding of drawing as an animator. I've always read in books and heard big people in the animation biz talk about having your pose work as a black spot on a white background. Abhinav has put even more really good artwork and character designs into the game. Now, I've never played any original rayman games, so I don't know what is originally made up by my friend here, but it all works. Great!

The gameplay has a few glitches or just minor nuances if you may, which I have pointed out to him, and expect him to try and clean up. But the game is tough when its supposed to be and pretty easy at times. Like the boss fights were kinda tough for me to get through. But again, I am a lousy gamer. My reflexes are as slow as a snail. So don't take my word for it, or atleast take it with a grain of salt. Try out the game for yourself here.

The game music varies nicely, as the mood changes. It wasn't very irritating or disruptive like it gets in certain games, I mean, I could sit through it all without muting my laptop. And I was typing an email between conversations. Sound effects too, are done nicely, I specially liked the part where the frog character pokes rayman to grab his attention to something. But there are still no voices, and The title clearly states that this is the text version. But we all hope the voices will be recorded soon and the game relaunched. come on! download it already!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Really funny clip from the D conf

interview with steve jobbs and bill gates