Saturday, April 22, 2006

Been having fun with this for a while now.

yash flipped
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Yess...playing with light and my new digital camera is my new infatuation. I discovered a whole lot of stuff i can do with my camera which I wouldnt even have thought of before. I`m posting this entry from within flickr so that the links to this photo are automatically integrated into the post. There are more check them out at flickr. And until I download more cartoons, Have fun with light.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Dexter`s Laboratory

After only discussing adult cartoons like south park, simpsons, family duy, drawn together etc, I`m finally discussing a child cartoon...what got me to do it? well, I recently got to download some episodes of this cartoon from limewire. So for all those who dont know, I`m gonna put in a little description. Or maybe a link to the wikipedia page would be better? Yes, I`m feelin very lazy at the moment but still wanted to update my blog so here you go. And I`ll be uploading some episodes of the cartoon real wait and watch this space for more.

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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Drawn Together

I had started downloading the first season of drawn together day before yesterday and Icould only get 1 episode done so far(besides the ones I already have) So I`ll discuss the most weird episode I have seen so far....Episode 2, Clara`s Dirty Little Secret.
What`s so weird you ask? well, THERES A MONSTER LIVING IN CLARA`S VAGINA!!! It starts from where the previous episode left us. Toot comes in and tells Clara that she`s become pregnent because of kissing Foxy. She goes and tells this to Foxy and she explains(with a full live demonstration) what sex is and how Babies are born. But that makes clara even more sad. Because no man will love her vagina because there`s a monster called Octopussoir living in her vagina.

She tells them That when she was younger, her stepmom cursed her with this. So they have a "reality television" like ceremony where she`s looking for her true love. After all have been eliminated, Prince charming kisses her, and what`s a scene right out of Shrek, they both go up in the sky, there`s light emitting from both of them and then a crazy twist. Its just hilarious. Just go watch the episode. There are torrents to the uncensored dvd rip. Search for it on

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Found it!!!

Hey I dont know how many people had read my post about slang before this, "what the heck did my teen just say?" I had mentioned about a place where I found hip-hop song lyrics and its "white" or regular english translation. All this black slang thing is really funny! On chappelle`s show, in a episode, he makes fun of Lil john for only exclaiming "yeah, what and okay" and also said something about a slang called "skeet". Yes, I`ve heard it too in song "get low" which was in need for speed underground. He says, "I dont know how they`re allowing that to be said on television. Maybe they just dont know its meaning yet. But hell are they going to freak out when they know what that means...they`re gonna be like 'Oh my god how did we let them say that? we`re gonna have to stop them from saying that!' "
So, when I too used a slang in my new blog I thought questions were gonna come up and so I set out to discover its meaning. But I landed on this page first! It has translation of a english song filled with black slang to one without one. To be honest, I never really liked the song or the video but it was very popular!
And now, for the first time, I`m gonna post a video on my blog page. since its is Black eyed peas, My Humps!!!

Lets hope this is working. while youre listning and after, go to this page to see the lyrics and the translation
But again, what`s the meaning of pimp when used in context like the title of the popular tv show "pimp my ride"? well I found a page on WIKI that says "The verb "to pimp" has acquired a meaning not related to prostitution: to promote, to advertise or to push, as in "ESPN has really been pimping T.O. a lot lately." It may also mean "to make attractive/fancy" as popularized on the American TV series Pimp My Ride. Cars that have been poorly maintained are made "pimp" through repair and refurbishment, often with thousands of dollars of extravagant equipment."

there you go! Have fun laughing at those slangs!

Freshtags implemented

So, Like I said, the categories list had gotten very long so i implemented the freshtags. Now just one thing I want to mention you guys is that when you will select a category, the whole page will seem to reload. But it`ll be fast this time because its already in your cache.
So from the next post on, I`ll be back to posting about cartoons. I have watched a lot of episodes of family guy lately almost completed downloading season4 and will complete the last season-5 soon. Then it`ll be off to drawn together and American dad and ofcourse new episodes of south park. But I`m not concentrating on writing about the new south park episodes because almost everyone else is discussing them too. Its probably because of the news of chef leaving the show. well lets just wrap it up now!
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