Sunday, July 29, 2007

Chandni raatein was by distant voices

I WAS one of the many people who believe that chandni raatein remix was done by bally sagoo. But this video ripped from telly is the proof that this remix is actually by a duo called distant voices. I have read about them and the song in various newspapers and blogs. so I want people to stop tagging this song with bally sagoo and then scrobbling it on!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Chaddi pehen ke phool khila hai

I was just watching the japanese anime tv show based on the jungle book, that used to be telecasted on the indian channel doordarshan in the early 1990s. And besides being really nostalgic, I was also going 'man! I've heard those voices at a lot of other places for sure.' But the first actor I could recognize was nana patekar as sher khan. I confirmed that by going online and searching for sher khan jungle book nana patekar on google. But I wasn't satisfied there. I wanted to know about the other voice actors too.

I googled the names in the end credits, and was led to the IMDB pages of those actors....most of the actors. You also have to consider that those people might not be spelling their names in the same way I decided to spell them in english, because the names in the credits are in hindi/devnagri script. So here's the list, of all the people I could find, the same order as in the credits.

Deepa Sahi - IMDB

Virendra Saxena - Veerendra saxena IMDB

Uday Sabnis - IMDB page

Vinod Kulkarni - only two movies...