Sunday, December 30, 2007

I am SO going to regret these two hours of my life!

Today, I downloaded and started to watch 'my friend Ganesh' the movie. 3 minutes into it, I realized I couldn't sit through it! I knew I was gonna regret the next two hours of my life I was to spend watching this dumb Indian live action-animated indian movie. I don't think anyone over the age of 6 years could enjoy this movie. ok, at least humor me here. I remember when I was 7, I was in he 2nd grade and wasn't entertained by such mediocrity. But if today's kids in school are into this, I really doubt India's future. LOL ok, ok, just kidding...

I did spot the imac computer in their home ;) nice! Ok, back to the topic - the movie! The moment she entered, I knew the 'gangu tai' character was gonna be a very silly, slapstick one. And how dumb do the parents have to be to send their kid to the school with the gawar 'bai'! The stupid sequence in the kid's school was SO lame! I would rather watch tom and jerry or looney toones. Also, out of almost a billion people, they couldn't find ONE other decent actor? Wait... do they even need to act? Kids tease other kids naturally right? I guess I'm just pissed that harry potter guys have the best child actors, but we don't. Anyone else WITH me here?

The advisor who comes into his office with the proposal, WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH HIS ACCENT? I've been in mumbai, and I NEVER met anyone who speaks like that! Now, the story -  When I saw it was raining, I figured  story would go something like the kids get trapped in traffic due to the heavy rain, like the flash flood that happened in mumbai a couple years go. And then it would be his journey back home filled with adventures and trials and tribulations, and he makes new friends (including ganesh) and end of story! I would have LOVED THAT! because its more fast paced, more EXCITING, and would obviously make more sense than him going out and putting a rat in a bucket! with water!....Ok, even if he makes little holes for the water to get out, the mouse is TRAPPED!

Now lets get to the animation part. And that's about all I want to deal with. You know... there's only so much beating one little movie can take. haha...Now, in the title sequence itself, Ganesh stood out as the worst animated character! maybe even worst drawn... But the mouse was REALLY good. probably because they've had a lot of reference mouse animation to look at in the past. haha! The lipsync is SUPER AWFUL! I'd say tenali raman, a TV show had better lipsync than this. But because obviously, it was dubbed into multiple languages, your milage may vary depending on which version you saw. Ok, forget the dialogs... even the loud evil laugh wasn't very convincing. Not talking about exaggerating it to very cartoony levels for a human character, but I know humans can have more powerful laugh than what was in the movie. I just think the animators got LAZY!

So just 40 minutes into the movie, I say I can't take it anymore. utter rubbish! TRASH!