Monday, April 23, 2007

Now I totally believe her.

Few days ago, when I was with tay, she was telling me that animation as a profession as the second highest number of suicide cases. I checked on the internet but I didn't find anything that said that. But after watching this really funny animation on I was laughing my ass of and saying I totally believe her now!!!

Its made by a guy called christien clegg.

watch it!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Disneys Recess Season 3 Episode 9

there was a time when I couldn't get enough of it. I was trying damn hard to find a place to watch recess other than the tv. but now, there are lots on and! have fun people.

Friday, April 06, 2007


Before you go on & read my post I want to direct you to this blog It's a review of Disney's meet the Robinsons I would totally love to know what you thought of it. I was just shocked to know that there are people like him who could hate Disney animation so much. I being the animation aspirant that I am, thought I could never hate any animation that is, until I saw hoodwinked. I had heard about how bad this movie is from some people before, but was doubtful about whether I would end up thinking the same way too. But I recently discovered, how sub standard the movie really is. The animation and rendering is so 'low budget'. I was told that its an indian production but I believe Mickey meant that some parts of its work were outsourced to India. The story is nothing like an Indian could ever come up with. But well, at some points I did feel like the movie was a bollywood production!

The little red riding hood character was very poorly done. I can't imagine what the makers had in mind for her... She acts like a teenager but she doesn't look like a teenager at all. And the scenes between her and her grandmom were plain pain in the ass. They tried to have the emotional aspect to it that many Disney movies have but it just wasn't done good enough so it ended up being plain sloppy. Then the song sequences. Even they were just as irritating as bollywood song and dance sequences. I wished they had just kept away from all that. In comparison to that, the other part of the movie was way better.

The best character was the goat who could change horns. Nice, perky, awesome design and thought. I also liked the song he sings. If at all, you end up with a copy of the movie, just watch it for the goat part. He's awesome! the rest, was plain boring... come to think of it, the goat part was the thing that made me not HATE the movie. Hate is too harsh a word. I just didn't like the rest of the movie is enough.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Thoughts about TMNT

I watched the movie in famous players Mississauga the day before yesterday and I thought it was pretty cool! Even though its a studio which I had never heard of before, that's nothing to fret about. The guys at IMAGI studios have done a damn good job! The environment looks very real in places and parts. I'd say even better than 300! The turtles are so detailed, especially during the fight sequence between...(oh I guess I shouldn't mention'll be a spoiler..well, there are more to come in the latter part of the post so I wouldn't recommend reading it unless you hve seen the movie or are prepared to know the story beforehand) So, that brings me to the fight sequences.. so amazingly done. The action really makes your adrenaline pump hard. I was at the edge of my seat when the turtles were kicking butt! Oh, not only the turtles, the human characters April and KC too were amazing. I liked the ninja female... HOT! hehe...

Oh well, the story? I couldn't exactly get the part in the beginning where they are explaining that the general opened a portal to another dimension and thus 13 monsters were released into this world. Also, his brothers were turned into stone and he was immortalized. (spoiler alert!)He lived on through the ages and is now preparing to capture the 13 monsters and send them back to the other dimension, break the curse and finally, DIE! so you might want to know that before you enter he theaters or else you could be scratching your head halfway through the movie too. Well, I only have one thing to point out, if the monsters had been plaguing the world since 3000 years, why didn't we ever see them before? But I'm ok living with that since it was such a rocking movie.

Oh ya, that reminds me, the music is amazing too. I'll be getting the soundtrack soon. I'll leave ya with this teaser trailer. A better trailer is at the TMNT website have fun!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Meet the Robinsons - Making the 3D/Stereo Film

I have seen one 3d movie made in India, (I don't want to talk about the movie) and the glasses we had to wear for that weren't coloured red and blue like they have shown here. they were both the same colour and didn't give me headache. I wonder if they were using the same technology they used here.

I also remember seeing the movie spy kids 3D in the theater in pune and for that one, I had to use those red and blue coloured glasses. They gave me a headache! plus, the movie was really shitty too. so I am really glad to hear that this movie doesn't have those red and blue picture. I'm really looking forward to watching it in the theaters. So, you should be waiting for the exciting and fun review!