Saturday, March 31, 2007

300 Accoding to yash

I just don't know where to begin. There are just so many people voicing their opinions about the movie and so many different opinions on it that its not easy to be original. I am trying to think what are people who are reading this, trying to get from this.. But me being an aspiring animator and also knowing a lot about sfx, I am basically gonna be looking at the technical/visual aspects. Also, the thing that I heard last night in the 4th year animation studio is gonna help me guide myself through this.

So, lets begin. I will start with what's most obvious first. The film employs a lot of use of the particle system. With the start of the movie, you see extravagant and totally 'out there' depiction of snowfall. Its moving even when the rest of the frame is still. Nothing could make it look more fake. No hint of any attempt at simulating it to look natural. The film makers wanted it that way. Maybe to keep it easy for the sfx team. Yes, there are a lot of cutting corners. And by the way, whatever I just said about snow, also goes for the fire thingys. the little sparks.. I am not exactly sure if that's the accurate word for it. Flares? fiery specks? Oh well, never mind.

Next thing I'm gonna talk about is in the movie logo too, perhaps you have noticed it. (if you're not colour blind that is!) I'm talking about the blood splatter! There's just so much splatter when they're in combat, cutting people's limbs and heads but I didn't see that much blood actually flowing or accumulated anywhere. When you say bloodbath, you expect to see people covered with blood but that was hardly the case. People with arrows through their bodies or stuff are totally clean and the wounds surprisingly don't seem to be bleeding at all! In almost every scene, the backdrop or the ground is totally clear of any blood. What the heck?!!!

I suppose there's just one more thing to say, The backgrounds. In certain scenes, they actually had depth to them and had depth and were awesome! But in other places, there just didn't seem to be any connection of the background to the actors and people. One case in point, a scene where the kind is giving a speech...(yeah right that's so exact!) oh, well, I don't remember what he's saying in that particlar scene, but the camera pans with him and one part is a blue stone wall and the other, you see the orange sky. THAT particular sky looked as it it was painted and put back there. There was no suggestion by means of the lighting on the king or the army there that said that they're in the same place. Now if you get what I mean and agree, well and good. If you don't, I don't give a damn so don't comment.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I don't know how or from where, I got an invitation for a website called and I checked it out 6 days later, it was a animation related site, kinda like youtube and deviantart half and half. I immediately registered and went on to watch some awesome animations. This one is really remarkable, the character designs and the story and voices(its not in english) So just watch it. All the kudos go to 'Blondie'

drawn together season 3

So, turns out me not being able to use internet on my laptop at home is not all that bad after all. Since I couldn't gear up to do any work on account of being really tired tonight, I decided to watch the 7 episodes of drawn together season 3 that I had downloaded.

The show is still the same, just my sense of humour has changed a little. Or maybe these are the kinds of jokes you'd laugh at only once. So I can't say that I enjoyed these just as much. The 'adultness' is still there, but they just don't show graphic images that much any more. I'm talking about things like boobs and penises. Or lesbian and gay sex.
The funniest episode I'd say was the one where claire keeps wooldor suckbat sick to get people's attention. There were so many things that ticked me off about that. Specially the retard baby of captain hero and his sister! Lol!

Now I only need to get episode 8 onwards of the season 3 of the first ever animated reality tv show!

sent frm my E60

Monday, March 19, 2007

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

South park season 11 starts...With apologies

The new episode of south park was totally amazingly hilarious. While the last season's end left me feeling south park was starting to loose it and isn't as funny anymore, the new episode hits it right in the nuts! Now I can say again, Family guy is not funnier than south park. The episode deals with stan saying the n word on television game show wheel of fortune and being abused throughout the show. And as he tries to win back his self respect, There is a 'midget' david nelson trying to teach students about respecting minorities. But cartman always, ...won't listen!

The stan marsh story is what it starts with, but without a doubt, the eric cartman part is more funny than that. No matter what david does, eric cartman is hell bent on making fun of him. He even fights him in the end. I won't give away too much here, so I'll stop. And if you, like me, were skeptical about how good the new episodes are, there's nothing to worry about, its totally worth the 30 minutes of your miserable little life. you MUST watch this episode is all I am going to say.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

A video of fergusson college by some dude.

Please don't mind the sadistic music. mute the volume if u want.Even I don't like any of those songs at all. but the video brings back such memories. you can see my comment if you go to the youtube page.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Heroes is getting stupider already!

So, I missed this episode of heroes again and I wanted to watch it so bad that I downloaded it off the internet again, and boy was I disappointed. There were a number of things just WRONG in this one. I'd like to start with suresh and sylar. He makes some tea and when asked by sylar what it was, he says its 'chai' which is just hindi for tea. And considering that he speaks good enough english, why don't just have him say tea? Are you implying that his english isn't good enough to know chai means tea? Well, to be honest, I would totally buy it if I was told that he's kinda stupid so he doesn't know english very well. Because, why would a 'really intelligent' scientist take the risk of keeping a really deadly superpowered mutant/freak alive giving him a chance to kill you? To keep him tied up after you drug him and put him to sleep and tell him that you want to kill him for killing his father. I was going, ' Hey mohinder, You could have extracted the bone marrow while he was out cold and killed him and froze his body for future if you think you might need it again later..' He obviously hadn't thought it through.

And hiro, even after being in the place for so long, is still a kid at heart. Which gets too annoying at times! What's with " yay flying man!!!" And when he's up on the stairs, just inches away from the sword, why didn't he just pick it up? What's stopping him? The caretaker guy was down there, the security guards were not even in the room, and after he has his sword, he'll get his powers and he can teleport to anywhere or top time. I know this is just a REALLY STUPID plot to bring ando back into the story. But we all know he's gonna go back to japan soon. he won't be there in NY at the time of the blast!

Then the detectives. Even niki/jessica says that spying on a guy from his own hotel is soo stupid. And I totally agree with her. Is the american police really that stupid? And nathan, was so desperate to shoot Linderman, why doesn't he just do it? if he IS special, he won't die. But atleast give it a try... even we want to know what is linderman capable of. And out of all my experiences with bad guys in movies and television and cartoons, Linderman is NOT they kind of guy who can be trusted. so he is gonna kill nathan sooner or later. Just get it over with!

I hate it when sitcoms get stretched beyond sense and sensibility for no reason. Now lets divert our attention towards peter. He walks into mohinder's appartment at a really bad time for sure. Then he makes another stupid move by saying out his name. Now sylar knows its him. Its like saying dinner is served, Come and get me!

Well, I agree, the last one wasn't that strong an argument, but the next one is something you can't look away from. Its never EVER explained in the show, how Sylar gets to learn people's powers from their brains. Does he eat the brains or put them inside his own skull? If yes, what gave him the idea? where did he come up with that when he killed his first target? Next guess would be does he look at the brains and modify his own brain somehow? Oh come on, he's a fuckin clock repairman and not a surgeon!! Don't tell me he needs dna from the brain. If you did that, you'd be making yourself look stupid. The dna of a person is the same in every cell of his body. If you remember, mohinder tells sylar to give a sample of his dna by swabing the stick on the inside of his cheek. They really need to explain that because its the centre pieces of the show! And I for one would really like to know how he cut open the head of the first victim he killed!