Tuesday, December 13, 2005

the seapeople episode

this episode starts with the kids buying a "sea people" eggs pack.cartman keeps them in his aquarium even though they are not exactly sea-people they are just fishes.And they decide to put some sea people in their teachers coffee.
But she dies and the news says they have found a sample of seamen.the kids think its their sea people and go to retrieve the sample.after they get it cartman pours the seamen into the aquarium too and the sea-people become sea-men after combining with the seamen. what happens next is even more funny.just get that episode from somewhere if u want it.its an amazingly funny one.

symbiotic nature of cartoons?

first of all, i just noticed that in my last post i wrote in the title "last season..." sorry for that guys its not the last season.it was supposed to be last episode of the season.
Now that thats behind us, i would like to elaborate on the "symbiotic" in the title.(I am really sorry if i missspelt the word or used it wrongly because i just believe this word means a tendency or behaviour where two organisms or beings help each other out)
So i watched this episode of South park titled "The simpsons did it".Butters aka the villan in him-doctor...(oh whatever.i cant remember the name)gives up his plans to destroy South park just because it has already been done in south park.And thats not just it....They also praise the cartoon on their news.After Butters watches every episode of simpsons he makes up a plot which they havent dont in the simpsons but just then its announced on the tv that in today`s episode they are going to do just that.
Thats when he goes crazy and starts seeing everythig as in the simpsons.all the characters faces look like in the simpsons.KOOL!

And now about the simpsons,there was an episode where bart and milhouse are watching South park on tv and milhouse says "i`ve heard that the voices of those kids are done by grown -ups." bart responds "sick" (or something like that its been long since i saw that)so u see?both are mentioning the other cartoon in their own series.i couldnt have imagined them doing this but they did!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Last season of south park

I was just on spepisodes and found out that "bloody mary"is the last episode of season 9.I have no idea what i will do after this now.I can just watch all the previous episodes over and over again or look for some other entertainment-which is kinda difficult to find.I could also keep looking for the first 4 episodes of south park season 4 that werent there in amit bhaiya`s dvd.i have asked some guy from a website http://southpark.dailybuzz.net to try and upload or e-mail them to me.just wait and watch.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Upcoming animated movies

When the hell are they gonna release chicken little in india?Then theres this another stop-motion animated movie-i cant remember the name but i`d sen its trailer-which has still to coe to india.I just remembered chicken little after i read this coic strip"baby blues" it was really funny.
The older girl was reading the chicken little book to her lil bro."first some thing happens,then some other thing happens and some more stuff happens...finally he lived happily ever after or whatever the ending is" next block,"the book dosent seem to have as much detail as the movie"
HA HA! well i just want to state that if i dont get to see the movie in theaters anytime soon, i`ll download a pirated copy from somewhere and watch it.Tell me arent you just as impatient?

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Sunday, December 04, 2005

episode 913

I had to wait two weeks for this one since last week they just aired some repeats.So in free willyzyx, the kids are tricked by the caretakers of the sea world park into believing that the whale actually is from the moon and the kids are now determined to send it back there!ya`ll can imagine what chaos this could lead to right?i mean we`re talking about a big whale here.So "go figa" it out yourself or watch the episode!

Saturday, December 03, 2005

How i spent my Afternoon After SAT

I called up almost every of my friends but when none of them were free to meet me i was very dissappointed.So the only thing to do was to Watch south park!I removed my Laptop and put in the dvd and started watching!I noticed that I dint have the episodes 401,402 and 403.i.e. the first 3 episodes of season 4.well anyways i watched a lot of episodes.The one where he kills scott`s parents and feeds him the chilli is amazing!I didnt know what he was talking about when i first saw the death of eric cartman but now i know!

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

this is a big image,i was experimenting with the transparency and thought this blog would be appropriate to test it since it has orange background.i seriously doubt if it will work because GIMP gave an eror saying jpegs cant handle transparency.but then whats the black part?i didnt paint it black.I`ll try to do the same thing in photoshop and try to export as png because i think pngs support transparency

And Now Harsh and Suraj

Harsh And Suraj are my maternal cousins.I had gone to Nagpur with My nanaji naniji and since harsh wanted juiced and the stuff for mobile,i took a dvd along.there was much space left so i also put in south park the movie and south park season 8 and 9.We both watched almost all the seasons on mamaji`s laptop and then it will go to seoni where harsh can see it with his friends.But i think it will be difficult for him to understand the humour or maybe even the language in the cartoon since his english isnt so good.(maybe he`d understand it since he watches wwe in us accent english and understands it....ummm i dont know...)

Sunday, November 20, 2005

South park movie

HURRAY!!! I finally got the dvd`s of south park season 1-9 and the movie!Plus Some extras!That`ll keep me busy for some time.
I watched the first three episodes of season one with arjun bhaiya yesterday,and also the movie.It was really great.Today i`m in akola and i was tryin to transfer jack jack attacks from laptop to pc through the lan cable but the transfer was taking place at only 1% of the connection speed.Man was it irritating or what!can u imagine how long it would take for that 5.3gb cartoon to transfer to my pc at 1megabit per second speed?maybe i`ll try finding a solution to that or maybe i`ll be too busy watching south park to give a shit!HA HA!

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Jack Jack Attack

Well, since i wasnt getting the south park dvd, i went and got myself the special collectors edition of the incredibles dvd.The second DVD contains a short animated movie based on the incredibles called Jack-Jack Attack.Its a really fun to watch short.I had seen it before, but i wanted it for myself.There was also a academy award nominated short film "Boundin".And all the making,the extra cartoons the storyboards,the file of all the superheros.It was so overwhelming.A really great collectors edition i must say.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Man i was supposed to get the DVD tonight!

I think one of the most important reasons why i came to pune was the south park DVD.I was going to get it from arjun bhaiya`s friend Amit tonight at the planned LAN party.But the LAN party is cancelled.And since arjun bhaiya`s exams are coming up i doubt if it is goin to be tomorrow either.I just dont know how to make him get me that dvd!I really wanted it.I guess i`m gonna have to call up Amit bhaiya myself and take it.well,till then,i`ll just spend my time doing some other boring things.
I havent been posting any images of south park like my previous posts because I was posting from some cafe.For today, this is the only sp image i have on my laptop.But i cant upload it blogger is having some problems opening on my laptop

Thursday, November 17, 2005

E-mail you the episode?

I had to compress the 36mb 912 episode to forward it to a friend who wanted it.so, since its in my mailbox already,i can forward it to anyone who`d like to see it.I still havent got any stories for the episode so i cant tell u what its all actually about.And oh, its in 8 parts of around 4.8 mb each so if u wanted it, i`d forward u 4 e-mails with 2 parts attached to each(too bad gmail cant send bigger attachments)u have to have win rar to uncompress it.just e-mail me at yashrg@gmail.com and i`d be glad to.

And oh, thank you ruchi didi for putting up my link on your blog.

Episode 912

Hi all, i had some difficulty downloading the latest episode because the awesomo.net link that i always used didnt work.I tried southparkx.net but it seemed that it wasnt working either.But actually, it ws saved to the temporary internet files folder and started playing as soon as it was complete.

So, the episode is trapped in a closet.I havent seen it completely yet, so i`ll give an intro and....lets do a contest this time. Without watching the episde, try to guess what happens next okay?
so, it starts with the boys coming out of a store with some cards.But stan dosent have any.he wants to save money for a bike.He says"lets go do something fun." but all the suggestions that he gets cost something. he reminds them that he wants to save money so lets do something fun thats free. Cartman says "you know the basic law stan? anything that is fun costs atleast 8 dollars"
okay get your creative juices flowing and come up with something fun.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

While i`m waiting...

I just have some spare time right now,because nobody has replied to my question about how to fix the internet problem on my laptp yet,so i`m going to do something which i was putting off since quite some time.

The images that i am posting on this page are taken from cartmanland(awesomo.net).

I have put up the links of my sister`s blog on the left side here,please go have a look.she also has a blog where she puts up articles written by her.And believe me they`re really good.go take a look for yourself!


well, first of all, i couldnt post a new message yesterday because my internet connection was giving quite a lot of problems since two days.finally, today i am getting a decent speed again so i`m posting about the latest episode of south park 911-ginger kids.
I dont know if it actually is a disease like they say in the episode.Maybe its because(like they say in the episode itself)asian people do not carry that gene and so i have never seen any ginger kids.okay, forget that.the episode is not as good as the other episodes that i`ve seen.
The plot goes like this,eric makes a very racist and manipulative(as always)speech against ginger kids.stan kyle and kenny decide to teach him a lesson and so dye his hair red,bleach his skin and paint freckles on his skin while he is sleeping.Oh i must mention the scene where stan tells kyle to knock eric out is really funny.kyle is hitting him again and again and stan has to intervene to stop him.Then eric wakes up to find that he`s a ginger and leads all the ginger kids to beliving that all the other kids must be killed!man its turning kinda dark...hehe thats when kyle turns the story around.go see it to know whats next!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I Made Rohit a Fan of southpark too!

Rohit anandani is a friend of mine who didnt like watching cartoons about a year ago.then i recommended him finding nemo and insisted that he watch it.he liked the movie a lot(well thats no surprise,everybody likes that movie.)But still he wasnt okay with watching cartoons.I Blame it all to the indian society which regards cartoons as A Child only thing.

Now,i had found the clip of the pilot of south park"the spirit of xmas" the jesus versus santa episode.and had e-mailed it to a lot of people.and just yesterday, rohit and i chatted on the net and he said he just loved it.When i told him it ws a complete series and i had it all,he was exited about seeing it.That moment was so GOOD.a triumphant moment.a moment of success.i will never forget that feeling.and now i cant wait to sit with him and watch all the episodes of south park that i have

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

was just trying out hello

chanchal my neice.the photo is very blurred.was taken frommy stupid old webcam.but i think she looks good in this pic.if anyone canreduce the noise in this pic please contact me.
*i think this software from picassa is really fast at uploading photos.i`ll upload my photos in the profile section as soon as i find a snap good enouhg....hehe.

Monday, November 07, 2005

download south park?

For those who have never even heard of south park, its a adult cartoon series aired on comedy central in the us.its about a bunch of kids in a town called south park.The most famous character is Eric Cartman-a self centered manipulating sociopath.But noone in south park likes him.
His Mom is a Slut And No one knows who his father is.(Actually i`ve heard they aired a episode in which they showed who eric cartman`s dad is)Theres even an episode titled Cartman`s Muther Is still a slut.
His "friends"are Stan and kenny-the hood wearing guy who gets killed in almost every episode.But i have a picture of him without hood to the right.
Kyle Is jewish and Eric hates jews.so he is always abusing kyle.

Now,about the topic of this post,u can get almost all the episodes on bittorrent,but i had a bad experience of bittorrent.i had started the download of two episodes but even after downloading 100mb of data none of the episodes which were only 35mb were downloaded.it has lots of problems like downloading bad data which is just wastage of bandwidth.
so u can fing a few http links at awesomo.net it also has some ftp minisodes downloads.they are 6mb episodes for small screen devices like pda or cellphones.Then there is southparkx.net which has just started http servers for the last 3 episodes of season 9.download some and see for urself.

south park mania has started

Hi it all started two weeks back when i downloaded my first episode of south park, 908-two days before the day after tomorrow.i had heard about south park from my friends in digital academy,-thats where i go to leard animation-but none of whom i asked could get me a cd of it.so after searching for a long time i found a website that was offering a http download and i downloaded it at jain uncle`s place.he has a broadband connection so it wasnt a big deal.
so, the episode is great.stan and cartman are riding some guy`s boat when they break a beaverdam causing a flood in the town below.and the people believe its because of global warming.thats the basic idea of the episode.i wont tell u what happens next beacause i expect u to watch it too.and tell me what u think.
Next time, the next few episodes of south park.