Thursday, February 21, 2008

High angle shots in cartoons

Hi, I was gonna do a high angle shot panel in my storyboard for animation portfolio. And so I set out to start looking for reference. But, unfortunately, I couldn't find any. So if any of you know a tv show or a movie in which at some particular scene, high angle shot is used, or maybe even bird's eye view for a character, let me know. I will update this blog entry as I find more reference for this too.

Even wikipedia would be a good place to add a list of movies that use high angle shots. I got this idea because someone's already doing this in the low-angle wiki.

Here is one drawing I did a long time ago while traveling on the go train.

Lookin down by ~yashrg on deviantART

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Police Brutality is not any better in the west than it is in India.

This cop is abusing a 14 year old boy. The kid is just being defensive because he is scared and the cop manhandles him and pushes him to the ground. This is SO wrong! I'm glad he was suspended, but not as happy as I would have been if he was fired!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

the stick is always right eh?

When we were beginning to learn to do longer poses and measure our drawings, at the workshop, we were told to ALWAYS USE THE STICK. Measuring was a pain in the ass for me so I would avoid it. And everyone would go, the stick is always right.

well, slowly i grew more comfortable with using it. But it wasn't all hearts and roses. I was still ending up with longer legs and wide torsos. And everyone would always give me shit about it. I'd just accept that maybe I didn't measure it right. But today, I could finally prove my point. As I was drawing our model natalie, sonya came up to me, and told me the legs are too long. I said, well, I've measured the start and end of the thighs against the height of the torso and it's right. She took the stick, measured it herself and just kept telling me it should be shorter. But when I insisted on her to observe properly, she came to the conclusion that it was the head that was screwed up.

later, when gerard was looking at it, even he said the leg was too long.. And sonya started saying in a very sarcastic voice, so the stick was right, and sonya was wrong eh? I said, well yeah, the stick is always right.. It was all over a weird perspective or seating position.. Pissed me off so much.. anyways.. Gotta get back to drawing.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Funny video from America's funniest video

this is from ABC's website. apparently you can't directly link to the video or embed it. so go search for what does mom and grandma do. ;)

Monday, February 04, 2008

101 Dalmatians

I am not sure if the name of the movie was spelled that way...with an 'a' instead of 'o' in dalmations, but the spell checker says dalmatians is the right spelling. Anyways, you can all go ahead and say 'God! yash, you are so stupid.' So as soon as you're done with it, lets move on. Yesterday, as I was working on my room drawing, Mickey was watching like parts and clips from old disney classics. Animated movies like The great mouse detective and 101 Dalmatians. I was pretty intrigued and very distracted... but I think it was a good thing.

Because in the night, after I had done dinner and was too lazy to draw, we decided to watch a movie, and I suggested lets continue watching that movie. And I was so impressed that I decided to blog my thoughts about it. Plus, its a nice change from blogging about Taare zameen par. But before I get going about the animated 101 dalmatians, I'd like to tell you about a funny incident that happened a few years go when the live action 101 dalmatians movie was released. I was in seoni, during the summer vacations and we decided to get a movie to watch. I think it was me and harsh who went, and got 101 dalmations. When we got back home, we told nikita we were gonna watch 101 dalmatians and asked her to call ruchi didi while we set up the video cd player and stuff downstairs.

She went and told ruchi didi but when they came downstairs, ruchi didi looked really confused. She asked me 'what movie did you get?' I looked at her confused and said '101 dalmatians, you know, like the breed of dog...' She laughed and said "Nikita told me you guys got 101 dimensions. And I was not really sure what its about.. Because I started thinking dimensions like 2D or 3D? But there are only 3 dimensions.. what does the title mean? maybe dimensions like measurements?" And even I started laughing... much to the embarassment of nikita. I'm pretty sure that now she can look back and laugh at it.. like I can laugh at 'kisne roba mera tobat'

The animated feature was much different than the live action movie. I really liked how the dog refers to the human as his pet. Which I think is pretty appropriate. I bet this point has been made a lot of times... Humans picking up the dog's business, humans feeding the dogs, washing them, grooming them... doesn't sound like we're the masters... LOL. Anyways... I really liked the seargent and captain and kernel characters too. The scene where the puppies are walking over ice, is pure genius! The way they are slipping and skidding on the ice is so natural and believable. Plus, all the puppies have a different action. It doesn't look like they cut corners and repeated the same action or animation at places. They look SO SUPER CUTE! I wish I could pull off something like that someday.

I know a couple friends who haven't seen it, and because mickey gave me the movie, I can show it to them too. Everyone must watch it! Oh! And before I close, I'd like to say I did look into the spelling of dalmatians, and the correct spelling IS the one with 'a'. That's because the breed of dog is believed to have originated in 'Dalmatia' in the 18th century. Hmm... I'd never even heard of a country by that name...