Saturday, December 13, 2008

Some people Clearly have trouble understanding wall-E

The following is a comment meant for Aayush's blog post. He said Wall-E was a pretty disappointing movie and I was outraged. I typed out this whole thing without even blinking an eye(Figuratively speaking). But his annoying comments form wouldn't let me publish it because now for about 6 times, it think that the word verification I typed is incorrect. So I say 'fuck you image verification.' I have my own place to voice my opinion and I will publish it there.

Dear Friend Aayush,

I don't know whether I should laugh and snicker or blow up with rage! I mean, I would love to say 'I told you so' about pixar not being the best at making animated movies but this is definitely one of their better movies. (Cars was one of their less than stellar movies.)

Let's see the 'other aspects' you mentioned.
The story: A completely new and original plot. Unlike the obviously cliché'd Cars story. (Actually I read the story pretty closely resembles Doc Hollywood) How do you not appreciate the creativity and imagination that went into conceiving a plot about how the human race ended up in space and a ROBOT of all things comes to the rescue while fighting another robot/computer?

Characters: Wall-E himself is one of the best characters ever conceived. He is not shallow and one dimensional. He has a very enchanting personality. And other characters also come into their own as the movie progresses. Have you seen the short Burn-E? Even that robot has a personality, he feels disappointment, shame, failure,motivation... I could go on.

Acting: are you blind? Wall-E's performance is the best ever, bar none. R2D2, ET, and numerous other robots and alien characters that I can't even name right now.

Dialogue: sure it didn't have much literal dialogues but the sounds the machines make, convey their emotions. Think back to the old charlie chaplin movies and try telling me movies have to have dialogues to be entertaining.

Agreed Ratatouille had the best 'character animation' in any movie to date. But this movie had a different set of physics to play with.. Humans were fat and jelataneous in this movie and the rest were robots who were not meant to be very elaborate machines, just functional. Similarly, the universe of cars was very different. you can't compare them to each other.

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